Turn Of Events: David Headley Turns Approver For 26/11 Mumbai Attack

Mumbai High court decided to pardon David Headley and make him a witness against Abu Jundal.  The later is the mastermind behind the terror attack in 2008. Headley was hiding from the Mumbai police for a while. He even secretly flew from the country after the attack. But recently Mumbai police were able to find him. Now the man is going to help the Mumbai police in finding the Lashkar-e-Toiba mastermind who planned the attack. Headley was given pardon only because he promised the Mumbai court to fully disclose everything he knows about that 2008 attack. The attack took lives of a lot of people and the aftermath is still there. Indian government promised the common people that they will find the mastermind behind that inhuman attack.

Headley lived a lavish life while he was in Mumbai. Mahesh Bhatt‘s son Rahul was one of his closest friends here. He was also seen to date with Bollywood starlets. He was here for a long time; there was news that his Bollywood friends helped him with a lot of information. Mumbai police even called Rahul Bhatt a couple of times to get information about Headley. One of the main questions was who let Headley flew from India when the Mumbai police were looking for him everywhere.

Headley is currently in USA where he is serving a 35-year prison sentence. He talks to the court via video conference. Hedley, who is 55-year-old, will probably not see the light of the day again because of the 35-year sentence. But now he can serve as an asset in 2008 terror attack case. David Headley is the one who asked for pardon. Mumbai court listened to what he had to say and they gave him the proposal of becoming a witness. Mumbai police is counting this step as a major breakthrough.

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