ISIS Finance Chief Abu Saleh Killed in an Airstrike :US Confirms

Abu Saleh was killed in November, the US military spokesperson Steve Warren told the press. This is one of the biggest strikes that the US military was able to do after the Paris attack. Abu was counted as one of the most dangerous members of the ISIS group. But now his assassination has become public as a result a lot of major cities around the world have increased their securities, as ISIS is not known to take the death of their members calmly.

One of the main reasons behind his killing was to demolish the financial stability of the ISIS group. ISIS is a huge group today and the pictures the members post on social media show that these people live a very lavish lifestyle. It is believed that Abu was the master planner who made sure that the money flow never stops for the group. The kind of operation ISIS does, requires a huge amount of money. But with their finance chief being dead now, ISIS is probably is in big trouble. This is the reason the killing of Abu Saleh has so much significance.

The US and some other countries are constantly trying to kill ISIS members. These rebellions are now the major cause of worry for a lot of developed nations.  Last month’s Paris attack was something that changed the way people look at ISIS. Before that attack, only a group of people were aware of the ISIS group, but now even the little kids are scared. The US government is not trying to talk anymore but the US military now wants to attack back. This is the reason they sent more numbers of army men to Iraq, so they can attack Syria any time. Last month French military force was also able to kill all Paris attackers via air strike. The plan is to always let the ISIS know that these countries are ready to attack back.

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