India Has Rejected Arificial Deadlines For WTO Deal

India has refused to follow the deadline set by WTO. They just simply leveled the deadline as Artificial. India believes that WTO is only focusing on the propaganda presented by the rich nations. India is not saying that they completely disagree with WTO deal. But the main problem for India here is that the issues it wanted to solve are still there. Developing nations are already trying to shift focus on the new issues. But India wants the old problems to be taken care of first. This conflict of interest is now creating troubles for the WTO heads. But it is not completely unexpected since there are a lot of nations involved in WTO and everyone’s decision can’t be same.

Commerce secretary Rita Teaotia actually is not taking the Nairobi meet deadline too seriously.  Roberto Azevêdo recently suggested that all the countries that are part of WTO should use the remaining time for the Nairobi meet to show the flexibility they have with the plans. Even though a lot of other nations agreed with what he had to suggest, India completely dismissed his proposal. According to India, this proposal is superficial and if India follows what Roberto Azevêdo say, it indicates that they are ready to overlook the existing problem and move on to new issues.

The new issue that rich countries are currently proposing includes discount in trades. India too wants some of these things to talk about, but first they want WTO to address the old issues that this nation had. The bottom line is that India is not happy with the way WTO is making sure that the developed nations get the major priority in proposing trade issues. India is one of the biggest power players here and the truth fact is, these rich nations need India as much as India needs them, this is why India is not ready to compromise with any deal.

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