Samsung Launches S7 and S7 Edge at Mobile World Congress

The biggest wait of the year 2016 which was expected to shake the world is over now, with Samsung announcing Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Both the devices are generally gathering favorable reviews from the staff of well known tech sites present there.In this post we are going to outline the specifications and some features which are supposed to be killer.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Front Picture


Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo


Specifications of Samsung S7 and S7 Edge

The devices especially the Samsung S7 is said to be an improved version of the previous device S6 since the overall design and feel remains similar.That said the Galaxy S7 is now easier to hold and the camera is far less protruding than the previous version.S7 still has retained its 5.1 inch screen size whereas the S7 edge has been given a bump to 5.5 inches.Both the device still have Quad HD resolution with the S7 Edge having a curved screen.

Both the devices are powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon 820 SoC  for the North American version whereas Samsung’s in house Exynos is expected to be powering the devices meant for other regions.The RAM although has been given a boost to 4 GB for both the devices.

Both the devices now have microSD slot which would be a major relief for hard core Android users.With the introduction of SD card slot, Samsung has gone with 32 GB internal memory for US while for other regions a 64 GB version might be in the pipeline.USB-C still does not make it to both the devices with Samsung citing the incompatibility of VR headsets as the main reason.Both the phones thus still have micro USB.

Other notable feature worth mentioning is return of the IP68 ratings for both the devices which makes them water and dust proof with submersion upto 1.5 metres.Thus both the devices have non removable batteries with battery capacities upped to 3000 mAh for S7 and 3600 mAh for S7 edge which is a significant boost indeed.

The cameras for both the devices have also been improved with Samsung deciding to go with a 12 megapixel shooter with better pixels of course than the previous version’s 16 megapixel camera.The camera lets in 56% more light for lower light conditions and 25% more light for normal lighting conditions.Samsung says the new camera can focus up to three times faster thanks to its dual-pixel system that allows every single one of the 12 million pixels to act as focus pixels.Also, the aperture has been improved to f/1.7 to let in more light as mentioned before.

The phone is expected to ship with Android 6.0 marshmallow out of the box with a software addon known as Always On Screen.This allows the device to always show information like Calendar, Clock and Notifications when the device is not in use.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Launch Date

The devices would be available in US from 11 March with pre-orders to be taken from 23 February.The S7 will come in black or gold, while the S7 Edge will come in black, gold, or silver options. The pricing is expected to be in line with the previous models.

Rahul Gandhi is a Kid, Says Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

“Rahul Gandhi is a ‘child’. Possibly the Congress Party didn’t tell him that the Indian railway comes under the ambit of the central government.”

Parliamentarians of the Trinamool Congress joined AAP in the demonstration.

Previously, Rahul Gandhi said while criticizing AAP’s demonstration, “Why is AAP doing dharna? They’re in power in Delhi.”

Kejriwal intends to take up the passing of an infant as well as the demolition problem supposedly with railway minister Suresh Prabhu as he’s not pleased with ministry officials’ answer, during the demolition.

“In the assembly, Railway officials told the CM said that there isn’t any rehabilitation scheme before demolition. The chief minister totally rejected the claims of the railways,” a Delhi government official said.

After assembly the evicted, Kejriwal said the slum dwellers were residing there since 1992-94, but it took the ministry only a minute to demolish their houses.

A six-month-old infant died in one of the slum units, which the railways insisted had “nothing related to removal of encroachments”, asserting that it happened two hours before the demolition began at 12pm.

“Those that have done this (demolition of shanties) aren’t people, instead they’re creatures,” Kejriwal said.

Hema Upadhyay Double Murder Case: Suspects Fled to UP

The bodies of well known painter and installation artist Hema Upadhyay and her attorney Harish Bhambhani have been discovered packaged inside cardboard boxes the authorities said on Sunday. The couple was reported missing since Friday.
The bodies were dumped in a drain in the Kandivali suburbs and were packed closely in cardboard boxes. Vikram Deshmane, a senior police officer is quoted as saying, “It’s a clear case of homicide. We’ll determine the cause of harms just following the post mortem report comes out,” said senior Mumbai police officer Vikram Deshmane.

A case of homicide was filed against unknown individuals and bodies sent for post mortem examination, said Chimaji Aadhav, senior inspector of the Mumbai crime branch of Component 11.
“A police team left for Uttar Pradesh to track the perpetrators, as it supposes that they have to have fled to that state,” a senior police official said.

The bodies identified and were recovered, sources said. The bodies were seen by local sweepers who believed there was something wrong. Based on Zee News, a police officer involved in the probe has stated the bodies were discovered in a “semi-nude” state.

In this connection, the transporter, who affirmed he dropped the two cartons in a nullah in Kandivali on Saturday day believing that it included broken antiques has also been interrogated by authorities. The statement of the transporter was recorded, they said. Additionally, authorities on Saturday recorded the statement of the watchman at the flat of Hema and her domestic servant Lalit Mandal.NDTV reported that injuries were born by the bodies on the hands and feet.

As stated by The Hindu, physicians who conducted the preliminary examination of the bodies have the view that death happened three to four hours before the bodies were discovered.
Mid Day reported the truck driver who drove bodies and the alleged killers to the place where the bodies were disposed away from the warehouse had tipped the cops off, after seeing the narrative in papers. The motorist stated the killers had said that they needed to eliminate waste.Additional Commissioner of Police (North Area) Fatehsingh Patil told that his team is extremely close to breaking case but didn’t divulge anything farther.

Mid Day reported that one of the primary defendants is owner of a Charkop warehouse where Hema used to keep her works, Gotu. According to Mid Day, it may be about a dispute of Rs five lakh between them both. The newspaper also verified that attorneys as well as the artist’s’ last known cell places were at the towers between the Kandivali godown as well as Charkop.
DNA reported that Rajbhar, a metal manufacturing artist could even be involved as well as the cops are on the lookout for him.

The Vadodara-produced artist was estranged from her husband Chintan an artist, as well as the couple had filed for divorce. Based on NDTV, the Mumbai Police is questioning against whom she’d filed a harassment case and her domestic helpers Chintan.
In 2013, a harassment case filed against Chintan, alleging he painted the walls of their matrimonial house in Mumbai with obscene images of girls. Bhambani had appeared in the case for her.

Jaipur To Host Country’s First Water Accelerator Program

Jaipur is going to witness the Country’s first water accelerator program that will be held on December 12th. IIM-A (Indian Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad) technology business incubator CIIE (Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship), startup Oasis and Rajasthan Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) have launched India’s first water acceleration with an aim to initiate the ecosystem of water innovation and Technology. A demo day for this accelerator program will be hosted in Jaipur, 12th December. This event will witness many CSR funds and industry experts from most of the leading water companies in India.

This program have been set and launched in partnership with various high profile organizations such as Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit, World Bank’s water and sanitation program, Arghyam Foundation, Luminous Water Technologies Livpure and the Asian Development Bank.

11 promising organizations have been selected from all over the country followed by which they have been provided with tools, mentoring and industry experts for long four months for validating the prototypes. 12th December is the day when these startups will be demonstrating various effective solutions and technology that can bring huge and efficient impact in the water sector, Rajasthan. Rajasthan government has signed up a memorandum with Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) where they will attend the demo in order to pick up the best companies and award their pilots. According to Nishesh Mehta, the person leading the water accelerator program at CIIE, even government has been agreed to support those relevant companies to execute and certify their solutions as well.

This is really a big opportunity where all the stakeholders from water sector will be united and various quality solutions developed by them will be demonstrated. After which the government along with CSR funds can take the perfect decision which will be helpful for the speedy scaling up of solutions and organizations.

One day old baby dies in Ambulance fire

An one-day-old baby died due to ambulance caught fire in Thane, Mumbai. The baby was with a nurse and a doctor in the ambulance. She was born a day before. She was taken to another hospital as there were some medical complications after her birth. Both the doctor and the nurse sustained some burned injuries on their body. But their burn injuries are nothing serious and both of them are released from the hospital after the first aid care. There is no news whether there were any more passengers in the ambulance apart from them.

One of the main suspense in this case is why the baby’s parent was not present with the baby. The mother obviously is still in bed, but the baby’s father was also absent. It is rather strange information that a family let the doctors take their one day old newborn without any family supervision. No information is yet given about the family of this baby.  She was taken to a Mumbai hospital from Bhiwandi without her family members; this is something that is making the case look a little complicated. However Kadam, a spokesperson of Disaster Management Cell said that what happened to the baby girl is purely an accident.

Immediately after the ambulance started, the doctor saw a sparkle in the oxygen cylinder. He informed that to the driver, but before anyone can take any action the sparkle turned into a fire. The baby was already weak and she died within minutes after the fire came close to her.

There are a lot of questions to be raised over the safety now. Why no one checked the ambulance before they took the baby into that. This accident could have easily been avoided if people were careful. There are staff personnel in hospitals who are supposed to do these jobs.But due to their negligence another innocent life is lost.

Turn Of Events: David Headley Turns Approver For 26/11 Mumbai Attack

Mumbai High court decided to pardon David Headley and make him a witness against Abu Jundal.  The later is the mastermind behind the terror attack in 2008. Headley was hiding from the Mumbai police for a while. He even secretly flew from the country after the attack. But recently Mumbai police were able to find him. Now the man is going to help the Mumbai police in finding the Lashkar-e-Toiba mastermind who planned the attack. Headley was given pardon only because he promised the Mumbai court to fully disclose everything he knows about that 2008 attack. The attack took lives of a lot of people and the aftermath is still there. Indian government promised the common people that they will find the mastermind behind that inhuman attack.

Headley lived a lavish life while he was in Mumbai. Mahesh Bhatt‘s son Rahul was one of his closest friends here. He was also seen to date with Bollywood starlets. He was here for a long time; there was news that his Bollywood friends helped him with a lot of information. Mumbai police even called Rahul Bhatt a couple of times to get information about Headley. One of the main questions was who let Headley flew from India when the Mumbai police were looking for him everywhere.

Headley is currently in USA where he is serving a 35-year prison sentence. He talks to the court via video conference. Hedley, who is 55-year-old, will probably not see the light of the day again because of the 35-year sentence. But now he can serve as an asset in 2008 terror attack case. David Headley is the one who asked for pardon. Mumbai court listened to what he had to say and they gave him the proposal of becoming a witness. Mumbai police is counting this step as a major breakthrough.

ISIS Finance Chief Abu Saleh Killed in an Airstrike :US Confirms

Abu Saleh was killed in November, the US military spokesperson Steve Warren told the press. This is one of the biggest strikes that the US military was able to do after the Paris attack. Abu was counted as one of the most dangerous members of the ISIS group. But now his assassination has become public as a result a lot of major cities around the world have increased their securities, as ISIS is not known to take the death of their members calmly.

One of the main reasons behind his killing was to demolish the financial stability of the ISIS group. ISIS is a huge group today and the pictures the members post on social media show that these people live a very lavish lifestyle. It is believed that Abu was the master planner who made sure that the money flow never stops for the group. The kind of operation ISIS does, requires a huge amount of money. But with their finance chief being dead now, ISIS is probably is in big trouble. This is the reason the killing of Abu Saleh has so much significance.

The US and some other countries are constantly trying to kill ISIS members. These rebellions are now the major cause of worry for a lot of developed nations.  Last month’s Paris attack was something that changed the way people look at ISIS. Before that attack, only a group of people were aware of the ISIS group, but now even the little kids are scared. The US government is not trying to talk anymore but the US military now wants to attack back. This is the reason they sent more numbers of army men to Iraq, so they can attack Syria any time. Last month French military force was also able to kill all Paris attackers via air strike. The plan is to always let the ISIS know that these countries are ready to attack back.

India May Witness Rafael Nadal Again In 2016 IPTL

Rafael Nadal thinks that IPTL is a good practice tournament for him. The tennis ace is so impressed with the way Indian organizers arranged everything last year that he wants to come back here in 2016 too. But the tennis maestro is not happy with the fact that IPTL is still not part of ATP tour. He describes the level of professionalism as simply outstanding that he observed in IPTL 2015. Unlike many other players, he is adamant to call IPTL exhibition tournament. This statement from one of all time great tennis player will definitely encourage Indian youngsters a lot. Organizers of IPTL are also feeling great after hearing such a comment.

Rafael thinks that the team spirit in IPTL match is the best thing about the tournament. Tennis is an individual game, but tournaments like IPTL helps the players in bonding with other professionals. Rafael agrees that sometimes the games become too close and then the tension between the players also goes too much higher level.  One of highest points of IPTL so far is the rivalry between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Nadal wants to relive those moments again. He enjoyed the cheering of Indian audiences for him while playing against Federer.

Sania Mirza is also associated with IPTL big way. But to be honest, it is players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal who took this tournament to complete another level. Nadal is sad that he missed one season here. If he actually comes back for 2016 season then it will be great for both the organizers and the audiences. Nadal is the king of the clay court. French open is his tournament. He is yet to show great performances in grass court tournaments like Wimbledon. This is the reason Nadal takes IPTL so seriously. He does good practice of playing in clay court just before the French open. Nadal is working hard on his schedule so that he does not miss IPTL 2016.

India Has Rejected Arificial Deadlines For WTO Deal

India has refused to follow the deadline set by WTO. They just simply leveled the deadline as Artificial. India believes that WTO is only focusing on the propaganda presented by the rich nations. India is not saying that they completely disagree with WTO deal. But the main problem for India here is that the issues it wanted to solve are still there. Developing nations are already trying to shift focus on the new issues. But India wants the old problems to be taken care of first. This conflict of interest is now creating troubles for the WTO heads. But it is not completely unexpected since there are a lot of nations involved in WTO and everyone’s decision can’t be same.

Commerce secretary Rita Teaotia actually is not taking the Nairobi meet deadline too seriously.  Roberto Azevêdo recently suggested that all the countries that are part of WTO should use the remaining time for the Nairobi meet to show the flexibility they have with the plans. Even though a lot of other nations agreed with what he had to suggest, India completely dismissed his proposal. According to India, this proposal is superficial and if India follows what Roberto Azevêdo say, it indicates that they are ready to overlook the existing problem and move on to new issues.

The new issue that rich countries are currently proposing includes discount in trades. India too wants some of these things to talk about, but first they want WTO to address the old issues that this nation had. The bottom line is that India is not happy with the way WTO is making sure that the developed nations get the major priority in proposing trade issues. India is one of the biggest power players here and the truth fact is, these rich nations need India as much as India needs them, this is why India is not ready to compromise with any deal.

Shahid Kapoor To Romance Bro-In-Law’s Girlfriend Katrina Kaif

So this finally happened. A producer decided to cast Kareena Kapoor Khan’s ex-lover Shahid Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor’s current lover Katrina Kaif opposite each other. This movie is going to be a sequel of Aankhen. There is no official announcement about this casting yet. However, a little birdie told us that the official announcement will be done in New Year. Right now the film industry is all about the competition between Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani. So the producers have a fear that their announcement will not get a good buzz. They want to announce the movie at a time when there will be no other big news.

The original movie came a long time ago. Aankhen had Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen, Arjun Rampal and Akshay Kumar in the cast. Apart from Big B, no other old cast will be back in the sequel. Aankhen 2 is all set to get a new director too. Nawazuddin Siddique will reportedly play the role of bad guy in the sequel. Big B played the role of a mastermind who trains three blind people to rob a bank. Sushmita played his assistance.

Shahid Kapoor’s last film Shaandar was a disaster at the box office. Katrina Kaif too is not at the top. Her arch rival Deepika Padukone is miles ahead of her at the moment. This movie could easily save the career for both these two actors. But the question is why this sequel is coming after a long gap? A lot of people even forgot about the original movie. The original movie was not a big hit at the Box Office and only a handful of critics said good things about the script.  May be Shahid and Katrina are taking a big risk with this film. But who knows, Bollywood movies are always full of surprises, so this movie may turn out to be good.