Udta Punjab film will be released in all over 2,000 screens
Udta Punjab film will be released in all over 2,000 screens

Udta Punjab film to be released in over 2,000 cinemas

Makers of the film regarding the Abhishek Chaubey’s upcoming film “Udta Punjab” said it will have a pretty wide release on approximately 2,000 screens, Tuesday report.

Producer EktaKapoor who is from Balaji Motion Pictures has produced the film along with Phantom Pictures, which include names like AnuragKashyap, VikasBahl, MadhuMantena.

Ekta,at a press conference, was asked about the release strategy of the film, she said, “The teams have worked together… Phantom and Balaji and we have a very interesting set of distributors who’ve supported us through this whole turmoil and I think we will be having just the kind of release this film deserves and needs.
She also added, “We won’t open it too wide. But it’ll be a pretty wide release, keeping its genre and its audiences in mind.”

What Motion Pictures CEO says?

While, Balaji Motion Pictures CEO Aman Gill said, “It’s too early to say that right now. But 2,000-odd screens may be a bit more, right now that’s the attempt, so we will have clarity by tomorrow mostly.”

Just below is the video of Udta Punjab will be Released On June 17: Film’s Team Reacts To Bombay HC’s Snub To CBFC

About Editing the Film

For your information, the release of the film experienced days of uncertainty due to the particular reason that numerous cuts were suggested by the censor board. Yet, last Monday the Bombay High Court allowed the makers to release the film with just one cut and three disclaimers.

Ekta about Costing

After the positive verdict for the film, it is reported that the stock price of Balaji Motion Pictures has gone up by 9 per cent, and Ekta said, “I don’t minutely ever follow my stock like this.

“If it is 9 per cent up or 10 per cent down, what is important is a film was made with Abhishek’s conviction and the only strategy now after all the delays we have gone through, is to release it well,” Ekta added.

She further added, “Anurag and the team have given their best to put this film, fight for this film, Abhishek has done his best. As far as Balaji’s stocks, there are enough ways to keep the stock up and I hope it keeps staying up. It’s not my first and foremost concern.”Stay connected to our website for more updates and developments.

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