Magical legacy of Harry Potter How JK Rowling's creation remains alive
Magical legacy of Harry Potter How JK Rowling's creation remains alive ?

Magical legacy of Harry Potter : How JK Rowling’s creation remains alive?

Whether you come back by page or by the screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

In 2011, JK Rowling said that she had launched Pottermore, the most extensive and interactive website for all things Harry Potter.

Since then, she stands true to her words. Through the recently available mediums like books, screen, stage, website, theme park, one can return to Hogwarts even to Ilvermony, the American equivalent of Hogwarts, or to any other part of the fascinating fiction world, Rowling created when the first Harry Potter book came out back in 1997.

While in 2016, the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was made which is a two-part West End stage play based on an original new story by JK Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany. It was termed as the eighth installment of the series. There, the legacy takes an extraordinary turn. The fact remains the same even though this new story enhances or tarnishes it, the Harry Potter legacy not only lasted for the past two decades but also continuously grown in ways that were previously not conceived.

For the last twenty years when the first book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone were released, a children’s book rejected by a dozen publishers and has still put the JK Rowling as one of the most successful authors in literature even wealthier than Queen Elizabeth. Since the release of last full-fledged novel, Harry Potter, and Deathly Hallows, the fan has been following the books as manically as ever. It is available on popular internet forums – Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora or even Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where it can be understood for the diversity it has.

For, there is much more to the lasting legacy than just magic. In this connection, you will find questions like given as under:

1) What is it that keeps the magic of Potter alive?

2) How has the story evolved and endured, from books to beyond?

3) How has Rowling, quite cleverly, kept up interest in her characters?

However, these are the questions which can be answered in the affirmative by everyone.

The author popularly folded a series, stretched their creation to an extent that lets you experience and inhabits the fictional world at first hand. It could be done through an interactive web portal or through a big theme park and studio tours that recreate the universe or through simple tie-in books that were originally considered textbooks, Rowling represented the movement of the magic reached beyond the story.

It is still worth to remember, when I first discovered Pottermore, I completed the formalities to build my profile, got my wand and House and participated in school activities like participating in online quizzes, a quiz as close as we could get to the Sorting Hat. Pottermore holds that it was an ability to experience online that the magic wasn’t in the Sorting ceremony. Rowling’s creation reached beyond the books even to the world-wide-web.

A large number of original material straight from the author’s quill included the icing on the pumpkin pasty. The more than 18,000 words of content, from Potter life, kept the story thrilling &alive without the need for a new book.

The co-founder of BYOB Bombay, (a book club that meets every fortnight to discuss their latest reads), JayantiJhamaintained that you get invested in the story and characters beyond other books, you want to know what happens to Luna when she grows up, or Neville, or Dean, or how Tonks and Lupin fell in love, or who Sirius dated in school or more about Shacklebolt. The books become more than books for anyone who reads them, and over the course of seven books, these characters become like family. Harry Potter is a comforting story.

But JK Rowling wrote three more books, from the Potterverse as the people from the Potter worse. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages, these all are written from the wizard world perspective and were just made available for charity purposes.

This simple textbook went one step further even when the Warner Bros studio planned to bring it into an original film with the screenplay that’s written by Rowling. Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne as the author Newt Scamander will document the adventure on which he found the fantastic beats that almost seventy years age tempted him to write the book, Harry Potter when went on his adventure. It’s mostly viewed as Hollywood cash grab, more materialistic from Rowling’s magic world, thus fans are seen unsurprisingly excited about it.

The magic has also seeped into Muggle life. There is also a Quidditch World Cup held in New York after Quidditch has become a real sport. Fans who want to experience the world of Potter, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the closest that they can get. Moreover, there is book tourism to real life locations.

Yet it is not only these vast and variety of creations that keeps the story of a young boy wizard energetic and alive, there are the more fandom or intangible aspects to the fan following and not coincidence for Potter fandom being so big online – but, actually, the increasing internet accessibility has coincided this to the youth. The internet became the platform to discuss all things Potter, these things couldn’t be discussed with real people on the virtual community grew up. Children, who got maturity with broadband, populated online forums with fan theories.

On the world wide web, Harry Potter fandom was found quite the proverbial phoenix.

Despite the fact that there wasn’t any new material in years, it kept itself alive among the fan fictions and headcanons, fan art and fan videos. Even for any little new information out, a Pottermore update or a Rolwing tweet revealing Sirius Black’s birthday – they collectively rise from the ashes and go out of control. Remember the time when how the ‘internet’ was ‘breaking’ as an all new Harry Potter film excitably discussed by fans despite the fact that it would be based in ancient America.

During film releases, in particular, much other fantasy series such as Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent and the like have experienced greater popularity.Undeniably, there were comparisons drawn with Harry Potter, but what has distinguished it from its peers and successors is the inevitability of that series where its following has currently persisted for more than two decades.

A massive part of the story – the creation of the magical world is basically different from ours. Rowling coined a fantastic story by combining myth with fairytale as a bildungsroman about fairly flawed and ordinary characters. All the elements of high fantasy combined with the timeless emotions of love, loyalty friendship and the classic theme of the triumph of good over evil, are included in it. It takes ideology from ancient Greek and Roman myth which is founded on the wit-full suspension of disbelief and features popular tropes seen across genres. Similarly, it is written in a style appealing to all ages and has characters that are accessible in different circumstances.

The co-founder of Mumbai-based book clubThe TarDis, SanayaFernandessaid that the thing about the Harry Potter books is that it’s not just a beautiful universe slightly off-kilter from our own but it also captured universal emotions you can identify with. It has invisibility cloaks and potions and flying brooms but it also has teenage gawkiness, friendships, and the frustration of not being taken seriously by ‘adults’. Sanayais said to host a Potter and magic themed book meet on 31 July.

You can have the best way to experience this universal appeal of Harry Potter by seeing it firsthand. By visiting any comic convention, you will experience the curious representation of the fandom – from cosplay to merchandise. There is an event called Pottermania held annually at HR College in Mumbai, which brings together all the city’s fans. In anticipation of the Cursed Child’s release, Potter themed events held by various bookstores and other organisations. Alohomora, a Harry Potter themed event organized by Books On Toast, was also a big success in this regard.

“We were sold out (300 tickets) in hours, there was a lot of excitement on the event page. There were 6 years olds to 30-year-olds dressed up as Harry Potter, walking around drinking Butterbeer and taking pictures, participating in the quiz,”founder of Books on Toast, AnuyaJakatdar said.

After all, the diversity makes the essence for continuity of Harry Potter. The film series has reached a different audience by the book series that had made readers in all age groups. The internet also brought fans from all walks together to create this all-encircling fandom. To quote from the first chapter, “Every child in our world will know his name,” even JK Rowling couldn’t have perceived that this innocuous one line will define her creation but surely, almost every child in this world knows the name Harry Potter.

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