Science and Technology

U.S. Airstrikes on ISIS at Kobani

Just a day after the US Department of Defense announced first death news of an US citizen in the campaign against ISIS militants, about twenty two air strikes had been carried out in the country by US led coalition. According to a Pentagon spokesman, the attacks on Kobani, a Syrian …

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Half-Light, Half-Matter Quantum Particles Created

The quantum properties of matter and light took a major step forward. It goes to Cr. Vinod Menon and his team of physicists for their pioneering research. The team discovered half-matter, half-light particles placed in semiconductors that are atomically thin. The semiconductors consisted of two-dimensional layer of sulfur and molybdenum …

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A Sneak Peak at Apple’s Highly Hyped Watch

  First Look at the Apple’s iWatch Apple, the tech giant, has officially announced its foray into the world of wearable technology – the iWatch. But it will be not called ‘iWatch’ anymore – it’s officially the Apple Watch. Apple has confirmed the official launch day for the watch on …

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