India Has Rejected Arificial Deadlines For WTO Deal

India has refused to follow the deadline set by WTO. They just simply leveled the deadline as Artificial. India believes that WTO is only focusing on the propaganda presented by the rich nations. India is not saying that they completely disagree with WTO deal. But the main problem for India …

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Obama – Google – Microsoft…To Combat Climate Change as One

On Tuesday, American President Barack Obama told in his speech that, Global warming is not only having its noxious effect on the weather but also on America’s health. To avoid further deterioration, President Obama has approached the business community for positive assistance. President Obama further commented that, perils of the …

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First Look at the One World Trade Center

New York has revived well from the darkest hour in its history when the twin towers pf the World Trade Center was demolished. It’s been 13 years and the construction work of One World Trade Center is ready to officially open up for business. The 1, 776-ft building erected is …

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